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Welcome to Apelviksgården in Varberg

Handicraft and Bed & Breakfast in genuine environment by the Swedish westcoast.

History and information

Apelviksgården is an old yard with thatched roofs and a cobbled courtyard surrounded on all four sides by buildings. An exact age of the yard can not be provided, but information from the 17th Century are available. In the year 1902 started the medical officer of Varberg, J S Almer, a treatment for children suffering of tubercolosis at Apelviksgården. In the year 1904 started J S Almer the building of the coastal sanatorium by Apelviksgården in due to the total success of his treatment.

In the 1890s is Apelviksgården connected with Karl Nordström, Richard Bergh and Krüger, All famous painters who together formed the so called "Varberggroup". These painters had an own style and they was important to the Swedish art.

In 1989 was Apelviksgården bought and a carefull restauration beginned to show how a real "Hallandyard" looks like. Today here are a shop filled with genuine swedish handicraft from our own workshop and also products from other craftsmen. In the summer we have weekly exhibitions with craftsmen from all over the country. They show how they are making their products and of course, you can by their things to! We call the event "Craftsmen in work" And we change exhibitions every Monday.

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Here you can see some of our products and order if so are wished
Exhibitions 2007
Information about our exhibitions 2007
Antique furniture
Information and pictures of a small selection of our furniture
Rent cottage
2 rooms, kitchen and 4 beds in a beautiful summercottage close to Väröbacka
Bed & Breakfast
Live on a genuin Halland estate in a nice environment

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Jan-Inge Vendelstrand - Owner of Apelviksgården jan.inge@tele2.se

Map over Apelviksgården, click to open map at eniro.se

Map over Apelviksgården

Address and Telephone

Richard Berghs Väg
432 53 Varberg
Telephone: 0046 (0)340-19660

Openingtimes Summer(1/6-15/8)

Monday-Sunday: 10.00-18.00
Bed and breakfast is open year-round

Openingtimes Winter

Saturday: 10.00-15.00 Sunday: 13.00-17.00
Bed and breakfast is open year-round
Other time according to agreement
Preordering goes for bigger groups